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Gossip Date: 12-02-2012

The music diva has died at the age of 48 but reports about how are yet unconfirmed.

Gossip Date: 30-12-2011

Thriller has been voted the best music video of all time and for sure it was a whole new way of doing video in its day, and as far as telling a story goes, not many videos even today can compete but some do come close.

Gossip Date: 08-10-2011

Is it just me or are 'legal' drugs more readily available to Hollywood stars than to anyone else?

Gossip Date: 17-10-2011

ABC television station has dropped the new Charlie's Angels program produced by Drew Barrymore after just four episodes.

Gossip Date: 25-10-2011

More than just movies are being created in Hollywood amidst a flurry of confirmed and unconfirmed pregnancies for Hollywood Stars.