Williams and Segel split
Gossip Date: 14-03-2013
Author: Emily Morris
When Michelle Williams first got together with Jason Segel early in 2012, there were smiles all round. She had found happiness after tragedy (Heath Ledger, father of her daughter Matilda died in 2008). In contrast, many are surprised and disappointed to see that their relationship has now ended. Williams has given vague responses as to why they split: 'I guess realizing that there is no such thing as a perfect balance. It�s not like riding a bicycle, you don't want to just figure it out and stay on track. I find that when I'm working there are only two things: my work and the kid. Everything else falls away.' The majority of the blame on the split has fallen to the often sited culprit of distance, with Michelle and her daughter (Matilda) based in Brooklyn and Segel in Los Angeles.
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