Kate Winslet marries Rocknroll
Gossip Date: 10-01-2013
Author: EmilyM
Kate Winslet wed for a third time in a private ceremony in early December - to (wait for it) Ned Rocknroll. The star, 37, wed in private with her two children and a few close family and friends present - in the Catskill Mountains, New York State. Winslet had been engaged to Rocknroll for 6 months or so, but it had been kept private. The couple met on Richard Branson�s private island in in August 2011. Rocknroll (who changed his name from Ned Abel Smith) is the nephew of Richard Branson and works for the Virgin Galactic space travel program. Winslet has two children. Mia (12) from her first marriage to Jim Threapleton and Joe (9) from second marriage to Sam Mendes. We hope the Rocknroll partnership shows some staying power for the star!
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