Beyonce in lip synching scandal
Gossip Date: 30-01-2013
Author: Emily Morris
Beyonce lip-synched the national anthem at Obama�s recent inauguration. The practice is apparently common at large events particularly as a back up staged in the cold where the air can adversely affect the voice. However, the pre-recorded track of Beyonce had to be used during the inauguration as she arrived too late to rehearse with the marine corps band. Really? You would think this was a pretty big gig and you�d maybe want to get in some rehearsal time. Although the lip synching itself was broadly forgivable by many of the public and audience, it was the distaste of having everyone pretend that it was live - the band played and everyone pretended, attempting a great cover up of the incident. Many are now watching in anticipation to see if she a) rehearses and b) sings live at the upcoming superbowl. With her smoking voice, equaled by her looks � it seems a shame we can�t hear her live!
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