Kanye West
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Date of Birth: June 08, 1977
Age: 45 Years Old
Astrology: Gemini
Specialisation: Singer, Record Producer
Fan Sites: kanyeuniversecity.com
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Kanye West finished off 2009 making a fool of himself defending his September fiasco of interrupting Taylor Swift on stage at the video music awards. The rap artist unbelievably took the microphone from Taylor Swift while she was accepting an award. He proceeded to rant not rap about how Beyoncé’s video was better. One might excuse a single reprehensible faux pas but this wasn’t the first time Kanye made a fool of himself on stage at an awards ceremony.

At the 2007 video music awards the rapper had a temper tantrum over the setting of his video and before that, in 2004, he threw a tanty on stage over not winning best new artist.

Born Kanye Omar West on June 8, 1977, the boy obviously needs to learn to temper his temper if he wants his music not to be overshadowed by his ridiculous behavior. His recognized production and musical talent is significant. He has received numerous awards for his music and positive critical acclaim for his albums going back to 2004.

Born to affluent parents, West’s father was a photojournalist and his mother a Professor of English. Although his parents divorced when West was 3 years old he enjoyed a privileged childhood.

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