Zac Efron Says Dressing in Drag Is 'Great'
Gossip Date: 30-03-2017

Zac Efron has joked about how he loved dressing in drag in 'Baywatch'.

The 29-year-old hunk donned high-heeled shoes and a dress for one particular scene in the highly-anticipated movie, and Zac has, tongue in cheek, claimed to have relished the unique day on set.

Asked how he found the experience of dressing as a woman, Zac told JustJared: "So fun, it was great. I can't wait to do it again. Honestly, it was one of my favourite days of filming."

In fact, Zac previously admitted he doesn't know how women manage to wear high-heels, saying he found it to be extremely "tiring".

He said: "It's so tough. I don't know how girls do it.

"You're not meant to walk like that. You're on your toes, it's really tiring on the legs.

"I remember at the end of the day, I was just like, I wanted to give up but I couldn't sit down because I would show something.

"The dress had a slit. I don't know how you girls do it. I give you so much props."

Zac worked out diligently to get himself in shape for 'Baywatch', but the actor recently confessed he hasn't stuck to his fitness regime since filming stopped, reasoning he doesn't need to be "that buff" in everyday life.

He said: "That was pretty intense shape. That involved training two, four, seven, six days a week, 4:30 in the morning - up everyday.

"I always maintain health and fitness for life. You know, I love to be able to do anything at all times and be strong, which is just a part of the way I live.

"You know, cutting water and that's essential to looking like an Olympic swimmer. That was to achieve a specific look, it's not functional. I don't need to be that buff to give interviews and stuff."

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