Working Woman Kristen Bell Stands Up for Brand
Gossip Date: 19-04-2011

Out for a personal errand, Kristen Bell was spotted leaving a local office building in Hollywood, CA on Tuesday (April 19).

The “When In Rome” babe looked serious, yet cute, in skinny pants, heels and a decorative tee with a cardigan as she made her way back to her vehicle after the morning meeting.

Miss Bell happens to be fresh off of the recent premiere of her latest movie “Scream 4” - at which she defended her “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” co-star Russell Brand after his “Arthur” flick opened poorly last weekend.

Of Brand, Kristen told press, "Not everybody gets him, and they don't have to. Not everybody got Richard Pryor, but he's still one of the best comedians out there.”

"[Russell] elicits emotions out of people, and whether you like it or not -- whether he's too daring for you or not -- I think he's a really good guy," she added.

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