Winona Ryder’s “Stranger Things” Trailer Has Arrived: Watch Here!
Gossip Date: 09-06-2016

She’s been working her way back into the spotlight, and Winona Ryder's Netflix series “Stranger Things” just released a preview trailer.

In the clip, the “Reality Bites” babe is addressed by costar David Harbour, who plays a police officer- “Ninety-nine out of 100 times a kid goes missing, the kid is with a parent or relative.” Ryder asks, “Well, what about the other time? You said 99 out of 100. What about the other time? The one?”

Per the synopsis, “The series is set in small-town Indiana in the 1980s, where a mother, Joyce Byers, searches for her missing son after he disappears under mysterious circumstances. She enlists the help of local authorities in her quest to locate the boy, though she uncovers a series of government experiments and supernatural forces along the way.” “Stranger Things” is slated to premiere on July 15th.

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