Jude Law: Rehearses Lines With Fans in London
Gossip Date: 26-02-2014

During a break in his schedule, Jude Law stepped out in Central London on Wednesday (February 26).

While strolling through the city's streets, the "Sherlock Holmes" star stopped and entertained a group of his fans by running a few lines from his latest project with grand gestures and facial expressions.

Meanwhile, Law continues to deal with drama swirling around the phone-hacking scandal involving him, Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig.

Last month, Jude discovered that one of his relatives sold stories to British tabloids, which left him shocked and distraught. During the testimony, the Oscar nominee was passed a note with the name of the close family member he was told was selling information about the scandal to Rupert Murdoch's News of the World tabloid.

When asked about the situation, the 41-year-old stated, "Today. I wasn't aware of that."

Jude added that photographers began to hound him and the press had "unhealthy amounts" of information about his private life, stating, "I became aware I was turning up at places having arranged to go there secretly and the media would already be there."

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