Nicole Kidman Smooches Robert Pattinson in “Queen of the Desert” Clip: Watch Here!
Gossip Date: 24-03-2016

He’s admittedly one of the dreamiest hunks in Hollywood, and Robert Pattinson gets to kiss Nicole Kidman in his forthcoming film “Queen of the Desert.”

The “Twilight Saga: New Moon” hunk puckers up for Mrs. Keith Urban in a new preview clip, and it’s certainly drumming up some pre-release buzz.

Pattinson (who plays T.E. Lawrence) tells Kidman’s character, “You can’t leave. The local women might try to wed me off again.” She asks, “Do you want me to kiss you in front of everyone,” and he replies, “Absolutely!” Nicole then declares, “My kiss shall liberate you!” Check the clip!

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