Michael Phelps Continues the Honeymoon at Under Armour Event
Gossip Date: 11-09-2012

After accomplishing more than most 27-year-olds can even dream of, Michael Phelps is taking time for a little R&R.

The record setting Olympian visited sponsor Under Armour at their Tide Point campus for a pep rally/ceremony yesterday (September 10).

During a question and answer session at the event, the Olympian talked about his critics after a disappointing performance on the first day of the Games. "The only thing I could do was put it behind me and move to the other races. I remember walking behind the diving towers, and I just let out a little scream – I won’t say what I said – but I was a little frustrated. I remember laying down and going to bed and thinking I have so many other opportunities. I still can do what I want to do. So I put it behind me, threw it over my shoulder and moved on.”

Next up for the athlete is "The Haney Project," a Golf Channel series that puts celebrities with pro golf instructor Hank Haney, who is best known for coaching Tiger Woods. Later, he'll host a party at Harrah's.

Hopefully all that partying doesn't get in the way of his focus. Phelps will get to test his new skills at a golf tournament in Atlantic City later this month for the Michael Phelps Foundation.

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