Gillian Jacobs Tells Marie Claire’s January 2015 Issue: I Love Air Jordans!
Gossip Date: 25-12-2014

While many of her peers prefer Louboutins, Choos or Saint Laurents, Gillian Jacobs knows that only Air Jordans belong on her feet. In her interview with the January 2015 issue of Marie Claire magazine, the “Community” actress gives a rundown of all of her sneaker wisdom, including her claim that her footwear eliminates awkward conversations with guys.

Gillian explains, “I'm trying to have more fun with my wardrobe—and more fun with my life in general. Collecting sneakers is part of that. I grew up in Pittsburgh, but my whole family is from Chicago. Michael Jordan and the Bulls were everything.”

Furthermore, “I own seven or eight pairs of Jordans, two pairs of Nike Air Maxes, a pair of Andre Agassis, and some Liberty London Nike Dunks. They look really cute with dresses or jeans. You can wear them with just about anything. They make me feel much cooler than I am.”

Jacobs also declares, “Girls talk to each other about fashion, but I don't have conversations with dudes about what I'm wearing unless it's Jordans. You meet a guy, you can tell he's into sneakers, and it's like, OK, no more awkward small talk.”

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