Megan Fox: "Men Still Dominate The Movies"
Gossip Date: 28-06-2016

Megan Fox insists women are still seen through the eyes of men in the movie industry.

The American actress has played a variety of roles on the silver screen, from journalist April O'Neil in the re-booted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films to a possessed high school cheerleader in Jennifer's Body. No matter how much she mixes it up though, the 30-year-old thinks as long as men have the upper hand, women will always be shown in a certain light.

"This is a male-dominated industry, so it's still sort of coloured through the lens of how men view women in life," she told SFX magazine. "But I think it's definitely moving in a positive direction, and I think when we have more female filmmakers then we'll have more movies with female leads. But we also need more female writers. Because you need someone who understands the psychology of a woman to be able to write a woman well."

Megan has previously spoken about how selective she is when it comes to choosing parts, admitting she prefers comic book films to drama features. But it seems the star may not be in front of the camera forever, as she also confessed she doesn't feel performing is her true calling.

"I’m not necessarily very passionate about acting per se," she told the New York Times newspaper at the beginning of the month (Jun16). "I don’t feel validated by being on a set or making a movie. I have a lot of fun making these movies, but it’s not a representation of my innermost being."

Megan currently only has movie Zeroville, directed by James Franco, in the pipeline. But with the arrival of her third child with husband Brian Austin Green imminent, it appears as though she's planning to focus on her family for the time being. (CM-SC/WNWC/SMD)

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