Mark Ronson Charms Up a Storm on Los Angeles Confidential’s Winter 2015 Cover
Gossip Date: 08-12-2015

From Amy Winehouse to Bruno Mars, he’s worked with some of the most prolific pop stars of this generation, so it’s no wonder Mark Ronson wound up on the Winter 2015 cover of Los Angeles Confidential magazine.

The “Uptown Funk” mastermind discusses how he made a name for himself- “When I became known... it was because I was DJing fashion parties. And suddenly it goes from music heads knowing your name to seeing your name in the news¬paper. It’s so easy for everyone to say, ‘Oh, he just got that because his mom is the cool woman around town and his dad is a musi¬cian,’ and, obviously, that used to drive me crazy. But no, I spent ten years paying my dues at these clubs. That’s why people know me: because I’m good at what I do!”

Mark also notes, “It’s probably good that I didn’t get my first success until I was 30 because I appreciated it so much [more] by the time it came, I was a bit of an idiot and partied quite a lot around 2006, 2007, but there was no way that I was going to squander it in the way that I might have done if it had. I thought, ‘I can’t make bangers and crazy beats that are going to compare with DJ Snake and Hudson Mohawke at this point in my career. But what I can do is make the grown-man version of that: great musicianship, sophisticated arrangements, soulful vocals, and good Pop tunes.”

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