Macaulay Culkin Gets Meta with Ryan Gosling
Gossip Date: 12-05-2014

Paying back the favor, Macaulay Culkin rocked a t-shirt featuring Ryan Gosling – who happens to be donning a t-shirt of the “Home Alone” star.

If that’s too confusing for you, just take a look at the photo above! You may recall, we shared photos of “The Notebook” hunk showing his love for the child star last year when he stepped out in the tee featuring Culkin’s adorable mug.

The Pizza Underground star must have appreciated the shoutout, because he turned that photo into a piece of apparel and rocked it on Instagram writing, "Let's get meta #ryangosling #macaulayculkin."

Both actors got their start early on making appearances on “The All New Mickey Mouse Club” alongside Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

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