Lindsay Lohan to Present New Social Media Prank Show
Gossip Date: 22-03-2017

Lindsay Lohan is to present a new social media prank show called 'The Anti-Social Network'.

The 30-year-old actress is poised to make her return to TV screens this year with a 'Punk'd'-style prank show, which will see her take full control of fans' social media accounts for 24 hours.

In the programme's trailer, which leaked on Tuesday (21.03.17), the flame-haired beauty explains: "I love social media. I am social media. Everybody knows you should never leave your phone lying around ... especially near me."

And as the trailer progresses, Lindsay continues: "So, I've decided to hijack your social media for a whole 24 hours.

"If you can pull off three challenges, then you'll win some fabulous prizes. But they won't know I'm the one pulling the strings."

Then, the trailer reveals the fate of Lindsay's first victim, who is asked to pose naked for an art class, perform a stand-up comedy routine and declare his love for his boss.

The 'Mean Girls' actress adds: "I want to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth."

Meanwhile, Lindsay recently claimed to have found a peace of mind since turning 30 in July last year.

The Hollywood star - who has previously battled addiction - said: "Studying the Koran is something I found solace in, a religion where I found a lot of peace.

"I have reached inside and I found what I want my intentions to be in the world ... focusing on taking control of what I want out of life."

In recent times, Lindsay has taken a step back from the spotlight and has instead been focusing her attention on a series of philanthropic projects in Syria and Turkey.

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