Kristen Bell Plugs “Veronica Mars” and No Kids Policy on “Good Morning America”
Gossip Date: 10-03-2014

She’s a busy lady as of late, and Kristen Bell gave her fans quite the thrill as she arrived at ABC Studios in Times Square on Monday (March 10).

The “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” babe kicked off her time on “Good Morning America” by answering a fan-submitted question- “I want to know if you could have dinner with three people, who would it be? Alive or dead?”

Bell explained, “Wow. Whoa. That's a very good question. Probably -- Audrey Hepburn. Malcolm Gladwell, and Richard Pryor. I think would be a good dinner party.”

And after gushing over her forthcoming “Veronica Mars” flick, due in theaters this Friday (March 14), Kristen discussed her No Kids campaign ( GossipCenter is a member!).

She noted, “I think after having a baby we realized how ridiculous it is that our children are roped into this sort of paparazzi issue. They're extremely aggressive on the street. They run red lights around schools. They push children over to get pictures of celebrity kids.”

“I’d had it. I taught I wanted to start a public conversation. I think that people that look at pictures of children do it because they like children. They would not want to see them if they saw how they were taken. If the parents want to take a picture or bring the kid to the premiere or don't mind that the photo is taken, then post it. But I don't want pictures of my child on the internet. I want people to realize there should be consent around minors' pictures.”

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