Keith Urban Teams With Nicole Kidman for “The Fighter” in a Jeep!
Gossip Date: 12-05-2016

They’re absolutely adorable together, and Keith Urban invited his wife Nicole Kidman to help him shoot a cellphone video for his new song “The Fighter.”

The “Cop Car” crooner and his “Moulin Rouge” bride hopped into their Jeep Wrangler and cranked up the ditty, which features Carrie Underwood on backup vocals.

Of his longtime love of recording, Urban explained, "I've been doing demos at home of my stuff, ever since I was a kid. Even before I bought a multi-track, I bought two cassette decks and would play onto one, then press play, then sing along with it into the next one. I'd put my voice up next to the microphone on the cassette desk and add my harmonies, then play that back [into the other cassette deck] and add another harmony. That's how I started cheap-ass multi-tracking."

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