Katie Holmes: My First On-Screen Kiss Was “So Awkward”
Gossip Date: 18-02-2016

She jumped into her “Dawson’s Creek” gig straight out of high school and Katie Holmes had her first kiss on camera shortly thereafter.

During her interview on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the “Gift” actress recalled, "I do remember my first (on-screen kiss). I was 18 and it was on Dawson's Creek. It was a guest star. It's so awkward because with the first kiss in life you can kind of be like, 'Oh I've got to get home,' or 'Thanks' - you never have to do it with that person again. But on screen you're going to have lunch and you're probably going to have to work together again tomorrow so it's a little bit… awkward!"

And when Corden asked Katie to name the best kisser on the show (between James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson), she giggled, “I can’t answer that!” Fellow guest Ryan Reynolds chimed in, “I went to high school with Josh and I can tell you right now, he’s a terrific kisser!” Holmes replied, “Well if he says so, I mean, you know!” Check the clip!

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