Joseph Fiennes Faces Backlash After Scoring Michael Jackson Role
Gossip Date: 27-01-2016

He’s well-known for his sublime acting chops, but Joseph Fiennes may not be ready for the racial tension already building because of his latest casting choice.

The “Shakespeare in Love” hunk will play the late Michael Jackson in an upcoming television drama, however the fact that he’s a white man taking on the role of a black man has certainly caused a stir.

One naysayer tweeted to the BET Twitter page, “A White Actor will play MJ. Because we aren’t whitewashed enough in Hollywood, apparently.” The film, titled “Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon” is said to be about a road trip supposedly taken by Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando and Michael Jackson following the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack in New York City. Stay linked to the GossipCenter for further details.

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