Jenny McCarthy: Begged to Come Back By “The View” Producers?!
Gossip Date: 30-03-2015

Last year she was unceremoniously dismissed from her co-host chair at “The View,” and now Jenny McCarthy has revealed that the honchos thought better of their hasty decision.

During her interview on “The Howard Stern Show,” the former “Singled Out” starlet declared, “One of the producers called and said would I ever consider it? And I said, ‘No, thank you.’ Because I couldn’t be me. I think they might try one more year and then I think the Titanic might go down.”

Jenny’s husband Donnie Wahlberg also chimed in, “She’s very gracious about ‘The View,’ and I will say, I told her the day she left, ‘They’re gonna ask you back within six months. And she won’t say it, but they did. Not officially, but they did.”

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