Gwyneth Paltrow Stuffs her Face in “Chubby Bunny” Challenge
Gossip Date: 14-12-2012

She’s known for being a health nut, so it’s a bit shocking to see Gwyneth Paltrow stuffing her face with sugar.

But she did indeed do just that on a recent episode of the British reality show “Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight.”

Co-host Jimmy Doherty challenged the 40-year-old actress by saying, “You eat a marshmallow, hold it in your mouth, I eat one, and we continue until our mouths are full and whoever gives in first is the loser."

Miss Paltrow seemed confident with the task at hand, replying, "I embarrassingly tend to eat more than the men that I eat with.”

Making matters even more interesting, co-host Jamie Oliver added, “Every time you put a marshmallow in your mouth, you have to say, 'chubby bunny!'"

Watch all of the shenanigans go down below!

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