Gomez and Bieber go their separate ways
Gossip Date: 21-11-2012
Author: Emily Morris
Hollywood's hottest teen couple has called it a day after more than 2 years of dating. News of the split went public on November 9 with Gomez rumored to be in control citing 'trust issues' as her reason for walking away from the pop Prince. Selena Gomez (20) has tolerated a lot since getting together Justin Bieber (18) with jealous fans hurling abuse at her. In recent years Bieber has increased his swagger and the hype around his career has gone from crazed to frenzied, apparently causing some tension in the relationship through professional jealousy. Many see the prime reason for the split their moves in different directions. While he gets wilder she is becoming more reserved. Bieber is rumored to have chatted up a number of models during the Victoria Secret show - walking away with more than one number... And then of course there are the others who simply say that a relationship started at 16 and 18 will run it�s course and in this case, it was two years. In any case neither are likely to have any undue career fallout from the split and we look forward to many more steamy Hollywood romances for both of them!
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