Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis Hit the Road for Harper's BAZAAR
Gossip Date: 12-04-2016

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of their groundbreaking film, Thelma & Louise, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis hit the road again in the May issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.

In the issue (on newsstands April 19), the Burberry jacket-clad big screen beauties reflect on feminism, Hollywood and taking a leap.

Highlights from Davis and Sarandon's interview include:

Susan Sarandon reflecting on the film’s success:
“When we did Thelma & Louise, I really didn’t think it would have the kind of resonance it had…It wasn’t seen as any feminist statement. I was very concerned that it wouldn’t be seen as a revenge film. The real thing Louise is asking throughout the movie is, “Why do guys think this is okay?”

Sarandon on where the characters would be now if they lived:
"Well Thelma’s definitely not with her husband anymore! One would only hope she found Brad (Pitt) again. Maybe Louise became a lesbian. That would be fabulous.”

Sarandon on women using their careers instead of being used by them:
“Today I think there is a crop of young women who are interested in having fun and having lives but are not necessarily trying to please all of the time – even though they are scrutinized constantly. The Melissa McCarthys, the Amy Poehlers, all of the gals who are creating work, being funny and independent.”

Geena Davis on the negative feedback from Hollywood when the move came out:
“There was all this talk about how it was so violent – and this was after Lethal Weapon came out…We’ve been stuck in this world where Hollywood operates under the assumption that women will watch men, but men won’t watch women. We never get any momentum because everything’s a one-off.”

Davis on filming with Susan:
“The most liberating thing about filming Thelma & Louise was hanging around with Susan. She changed my life, the movie changed my life. She always gets embarrassed the way I talk about her.”

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