Billie Lourd Missed Carrie Fisher Memorial
Gossip Date: 27-03-2017

Billie Lourd did not attend a memorial service in honor of her late mother Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds.

The 'Scream Queens' actress decided to skip the public event at Forest Lawn cemetery - where her family members were laid to rest in January after passing away within days of one another in December - on Saturday (03.25.17) in favor of having dinner with her father, Bryan Lourd, and boyfriend Taylor Lautner at Catch in Los Angeles.

A source told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column that the 24-year-old actress seemed in "good spirits" at the restaurant and the group "made a quiet exit" after they'd finished dining.

Meanwhile, at the service, Carrie's brother Todd Fisher, spoke out and described their mother Debbie's passing as a "beautiful exit".

He said: "When Carrie died, my mother decided to change her plans a bit. My mother always said to me, 'I never want to go to my daughter's funeral service. I would like to be buried with Carrie.' I didn't know she was going to leave us that very next day and when she looked at me to ask permission to leave, she said she wanted to be with Carrie, and she closed her eyes and went to sleep. It was a beautiful exit."

The memorial also included a tribute song written by James Blunt, a close friend of Carrie's.

He did not attend the service, but the song accompanied a video montage.

Todd revealed he decided on a public memorial because his mother would have wanted her fans to be involved.

He said: "The public is invited because that's how my mother would want it. She was very connected to her fans and felt they were a part of her, so we're opening it to the public."

The service was also livestreamed on Debbie's website.

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