Kate Upton Flaunts her Curves for CR Men's Book
Gossip Date: 18-08-2015

She's one of the ultimate pin-up girls, and Kate Upton shows us why in the first issue of Carine Roitfeld's CR Men's Book.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue stunner was praised by the Former Vogue Editor saying, "Kate has always been everything I love. She is the opposite of me—a Marilyn of today. For my new CR Men's Book, she represents different types of beauty and the sexual fantasies of all men. Enjoy!"

The first issue of CR Men’s Book is centered around Carine’s archetypes of masculinity—men who have both embodied and challenged the norm by blurring the boundaries of gender, sexuality, and style in their respective times. But just as important as these men were the strong women in their lives—the subjects of their intimacies, confidences, fantasies and friendships. Inspired by the idea of traditional pinup calendars, she cast Kate Upton (beloved by most modern men in her own right) to play the lovers, friends and partners of these leading men—evoking a medley of iconic styles that pays homage to a group of talented women ranging from Patti Smith and Winona Ryder to Courtney Love.

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