Channing Tatum Jokes Around In Interview With Autistic Fan
Gossip Date: 05-05-2016

Channing Tatum made an autistic fan's dreams come true recently by sitting down for a candid interview.

Carly Fleischmann, who uses a computer to communicate due to a speaking disability, managed to land the Magic Mike hunk as a guest on the first episode of her online talk show, Speechless with Carly Fleischmann, and she didn't hold back on delving into Channing's personal life and dating preferences.

"Would you date a 21-year-old person with autism?" she brazenly asked as she opened the chat, prompting the married actor to chuckle, claiming he would have to ask his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, for permission first.

"All right, I've got my lawyers working on your divorce papers as we speak!" she quipped.

Carly then turned to the 36-year-old's saucy past as an exotic male dancer, stating, "I know you were a stripper growing up. How many girls at the end of your night would you take home?"

"Some nights were more than others," Channing answered honestly, before the chatter turned to his two-year-old child, Everly.

"If your daughter was able to date today, which one of your actor friends would you forbid her to date and why?" Carly quizzed, revealing, "I'm asking because I want to know who to stay away from in Hollywood, or who I should be running to if they're that bad!"

Laughing, Channing responded, "None of them. I wouldn't let her date any of them is the real answer! But only because they're totally different in ages and that would be weird."

The actor was also forced to face his fear of dolls during the interview, after Carly handed him a box containing a creepy figurine.

Opening the box, Channing exclaimed, "Ah! This is a big deal, me even touching it right now."

Carly wrapped the interview by thanking the star for his time and joking, "My bags are at your house and I'm ready to move in!", to which Channing replied, "Come on over, we'll go swimming." (MT/WNVET/KL)

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