Channing Tatum Announces “Magic Mike Live!”
Gossip Date: 05-05-2016

He singlehandedly revived the male stripper movie genre and now Channing Tatum has his sights set on Sin City.

The handsome “She’s the Man” actor took to his Facebook page to tell his fans about an exciting Las Vegas residency that’s currently in the pipeline.

Channing declared, “I got a big announcement. We are going to be doing Magic Mike Live in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Coming March next year. Go start making it cool, and if you build it, they will come. We want to change what male entertainment has been for years. [For] 40, 50 years, it has not changed, and we want to make it better. It’s time to revolutionize something that has been very old… we have to do some different stuff, and have some fun in different ways, instead of men just trying to go up there and tell you what you think is sexy. We really want to make something that hasn’t been seen before.”

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