Catherine Zeta Jones Shares Touching Insight Into Michael Douglas’ Cancer Battle
Gossip Date: 29-07-2014

She’s been open about her own struggles with bipolar disorder and Catherine Zeta-Jones also played an important role in helping her husband Michael Douglas weather his storm with throat cancer.

The “Entrapment” stunner accompanied her hubby to the International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies’ 5th World Congress event in New York City over the weekend.

Catherine shared, "I'm very happy to be here this morning with my husband. I mean that literally. I'm very happy to be here with my husband."

In the beginning, "I was a mess. I'll be quite frank, I was a mess ... When I'm married to a man who has such a conviction for life ... he fights to make the wrongs right."

Douglas also spoke at the event, telling 3,000 doctors, "Generally when I'm on a stage at a prestige event like this I'm accepting some kind of an award. As long as nobody tells me to bend over and touch my toes and cough we're all going to be just fine. In all seriousness and in every sense of the word, I'm very fortunate to be here today."

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