Cameron Diaz Dazzles Women’s Health April 2016 Cover!
Gossip Date: 11-03-2016

Her new tome “The Longevity Book” is slated to hit stores on April 5th and Cameron Diaz is on top of her game on the front page of Women's Health magazine.

The 43-year-old “Sweetest Thing” star explains, "The most important things in my life are my relationships and my well-being—where I'm going as a human being in my development mentally, emotionally, and physically.”

Diaz also advises all women, regardless of age, to be on the lookout for health issues- "Bone mass is really important in your twenties. After 35, most women's eggs start to dwindle. There's no way of knowing until you test yourself. That might be something you want to do in your early thirties if your fertility is important to you."

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