Cameron Diaz Dazzles On Cosmopolitan UK April 2015 Cover
Gossip Date: 02-03-2015

Always on top of her game, Cameron Diaz is featured on the front of the April 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan UK magazine.

In her chat with the publication, the “Sweetest Thing” starlet explains that she loves having sex with her husband of two months Benji Madden- “it’s something healthy that we need to be doing for many different reasons.”

Furthermore, Diaz states, both men and women need more physical activity and better eating habits overall- “People say, ‘My body rejects exercise.’ No, it doesn’t. Your mind rejects exercise. Wellbeing is an equation. Remember, you don’t have to have the whole cake, you can have a piece. Don’t deprive yourself. Have fun. Just be self-aware. If your equation is 80% good, 20% bad most of the time, then a little movement toward the center isn’t going to affect you much.”

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