Jesy Nelson and Chris Clark Split?
Gossip Date: 13-04-2017

Jesy Nelson and Chris Clark have reportedly split up.

The Little Mix singer only confirmed her relationship with the British reality TV star last month, by sharing a picture of them kissing on Instagram, but it appears that the relationship could already be over.

Jesy has now unfollowed Chris on Instagram and deleted all pictures of him from her account, while Chris has also unfollowed Jesy and there are no longer any pictures of her on his page.

Chris recently flew to America. while on a break from filming his reality TV show 'The Only Way Is Essex', to see Jesy, as Little Mix are currently supporting Ariana Grande on tour.

And, just last week, he pleaded for her to return to the UK, while sharing an old photo of them kissing in a VIP area of a nightclub.

Alongside the picture posted on the photo-sharing app, Chris wrote: "Oi @jesynelson can you come home already! I'm waiting (sic)"

Meanwhile, Jesy split from her fiancé, Rixton's Jake Roche, last year and before she started dating Chris, she admitted she was loving single life.

She said: "I'm free, single and loving life. I'd really like to experience flirting with an American guy. That would be nice ...

"I've found a lot of independence. I think you learn a lot more about yourself when you're single."

At the time of the split, Jake's mother Coleen Nolan insisted it was amicable and they were still good friends.

She said: "With Jake and Jesy when they first got engaged, instantly all the press - everyone was asking me, 'When's the wedding?' There's so much pressure on relationships.

"But it's kind of amicable and they're dealing with it really well and they're both good friends. It's a lot to handle when you are young."

But news of the break up is said to have "upset" family members of both stars at the time.

A source said: "Both Jake and Jesy's families have been left reeling from the split and everyone is terribly upset by it. At the end of the day, they just want them both to be happy and if that means they're apart then so be it ...

"They're both young and they could work it out in the future. They had a great time together and have a lot of happy memories. You can never say never."

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