Aishwarya Rai Hits the Aspara Awards, Still with L'Oreal
Gossip Date: 12-01-2011

Stepping out for an awards show evening, Aishwarya Rai was the belle of the ball at the 2011 Apsara Awards ceremony in Mumbai, India on Tuesday (January 11).

Joined by husband Amitabh Bachchan, the Bollywood lovers proudly took the stage to offer up an entertaining performance at the annual event.

In related news, recent rumors have indicated that Miss Rai Bachchan has been dropped as one of the faces of L'Oreal - but the cosmetics giant denies any such doing.

Calling the talk “absolutely untrue,” the company said in a statement. “While she remains an integral part of the L’Oréal Paris worldwide dream team, she was unfortunately unavailable for our New Year commercial shoot due to prior commitments."

L'Oreal reps added, “[Aishwarya] is one of the most iconic women of our times and is certainly the face of L’Oréal Paris internationally and in India for a range of products which include campaigns for Total Repair 5, Excellence Crème, Color Riche and HydraFresh.”

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