Actress Rita Moreno Looks Back Over Career in Glam Belleza Latina Magazine
Gossip Date: 20-07-2014

As a Latina icon in the entertainment business, Rita Moreno has a unique perspective after 82 years of life.

In the summer issue of Glam Belleza Latina, the legendary starlet discusses what it was like to appear on the March 1954 issue of Life magazine- “It was very Latina.”

Moreno also mentioned, “I was so astonished that I’d won!” with regard to her 1962 Oscar for “West Side Story.”

Still, even back in her early days in the industry, Rita couldn’t stand the Latina typecasting tendency- “I hated the dark makeup, being barefoot – all of it.”

Finally, Ms. Moreno shared that she looked to Elizabeth Taylor as a role model-“I had no [Latinas] to look up to back then. It’s crazy that I’m a role model now.”

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