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Gossip Date: 12-04-2016
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of their groundbreaking film, Thelma & Louise, Susan Sarandon
Gossip Date: 15-07-2014
It’s an exciting time for Jeff Goldblum, as the 61-year-old Hollywood veteran is in the process of plan...
Gossip Date: 03-07-2014
During promotions for her upcoming flick “Tammy,” Susan Sarandon stopped by the set of “
Gossip Date: 20-06-2014
It's been 23 years since they lit up the big screen together and the gals from "Thelma & Louise" made fans very happy on Thursday evening (June 19). In honor of Throwback Thursday,
Gossip Date: 02-07-2010
Author: Helga Sonier
I stumbled across some very interesting celebrity information today. That is, I was amazed by the number of famous people who have very high IQs.