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Tom Cruise dating Katie Holmes
Dating Since: 01-04-2005
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This is one partnership that I think just does not make sense. When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were confirmed as a couple in April 2005, something seemed amiss. I still like to believe that Tom and his crazy Scientologist friends kidnapped Katie and brainwashed her, I find that this theory helps to make sense of everything a bit more.

Mere months after meeting, Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, with Katie accepting the proposal. Apparently not wanting to take their time, Katie and Tom gave birth to their first child, Suri, on 18 April 2006. Like many celebrity babies, Suri became the focus of much media attention. It doesn’t help that she is absolutely adorable. What also didn’t escape the media’s attention was the short time span between the proposal and Suri’s birth. Coincidence? Or convenience? The pair were later married 18 November 2006, in the Italian town of Bracciano.

And how can we forget Tom Cruise’s infamous couch moment on the Oprah Winfrey Show on 23 May, 2005. Tom and Katie had only recently confirmed their relationship at the time and Tom thought Oprah’s show would be a good opportunity to talk about it. He didn’t just talk though, he jumped on the couch, threw his hands in the air, fist pumped, knelt on the ground, and continuously shook Oprah’s arm, whilst at the same time gushing about Katie Holmes. The whole world was embarrassed for them!

This is one odd match that I can’t see lasting forever.seend lot od time roming on the street of LA