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Justin Drew Bieber dating Selena Gomez
Dating Since: 01-03-2011
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The cutest Hollywood couple, possibly ever, has got to be these two sweethearts, adorable Selena Gomez and cute as Justin Bieber. It’s not just that they are so darn gorgeous to look at but they’re dating so sweetly and like kids their age should in a perfect world. From playing on the beach to karaoke duets these two are having fun and not taking things too seriously, although both are clearly smitten. We can’t wait to see what Justin will plan for Selena’s 19th birthday which is just around the corner.

Yes, she is an older woman! Justin just turned 17 back in March but hey, it’s the 00s and anything is possible although things could get a bit tricky when she wants to go out for a drink and he can’t. Shouldn’t be a big issue though because these seem like genuinely good kids, despite the fame and fortune that’s come their way. They both also call themselves Christians which probably has an impact on some of their choices. It could also give them the foundation for a solid long term relationship.

The couple has been seeing each other since September last year but only as an ‘official couple’ since early this year. They have been seen all over the place in Hawaii on holiday, in Canada meeting the folks and shopping in New York. They have been attending awards together and wherever they go, they have eyes only for each other. Despite constant paparazzi presence the couple seem to be in a world of their own and it’s great! They are exactly what young love should look like and as such, they are a great role model couple for their teen fans.

The critics of course have found a lot to say that isn’t complementary. Most criticism seems to centre on the couple’s behavior. Telling each other I love you all the time or their public displays of affection. So what! They’re acting their age. It’s so much more refreshing than seeing teen performers acting like their 30 or partying, drunk, stoned and showing us everything all the time. Let’s just hope they can keep being young for a while longer before being jaded by the cynical media.