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Lindsay Lohan dating Samantha Ronson
Dating Since: 01-07-2008
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It was late 2007 when it became apparent that notorious man-eater Lindsay Lohan was no longer interested in the male species. She teamed up with DJ Samantha Ronson, with the pair officially going public on Lindsay’s 22nd birthday in July 2008. Sam Ronson came into Lindsay’s life just in the nick of time, according to sources. Friends say Lindsay’s life was in a downward spiral and Sam helped her find some stability.

At the beginning of their relationship the pair seemed very loved up. With Sam’s help Lindsay was beginning to curb her party animal ways and get her act together. Lindsay and Sam indulged in Mexican holidays, being snapped frolicking in the water as well as making out on the plane home, but recently the relationship seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

With Lindsay desperately trying to thin down – albeit unnecessarily – these feisty females have begun to feud. If it isn’t bad enough that they are feuding, they’re also doing it publicly now. Lindsay recently showed up unexpectedly at one of Sam’s gigs, only for a showdown to ensure, which ended with Sam speeding off in Lindsay’s car…without Lindsay.

The most recent spat for Lindsay and Sam took things to a new level, with the police having to be called to Sam Ronson’s LA home after a fight between the couple escalated and a window was smashed. The fight stemmed from Lindsay’s return to the party scene, following a weekend bender that finished in the early hours of the morning at Jack Nicholson’s house. When police arrived, neither Sam or Lindsay would open the door.

Looks like rocky territory for these two lady lovers. How long til Lindsay returns to men do you think?