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Reese Witherspoon dating Jake Gyllenhaal
Dating Since: 01-03-2007
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Foxy mumma Reese Witherspoon has been dating younger spunk Jake Gyllenhaal since March 2007. The pair got together following Reese’s public breakup with former husband Ryan Phillipe, in the wake of infidelity rumours on his behalf. Ryan was rumoured to begin a relationship with Aussie actress Abbie Cornish, and though the pair denied it at the time they have since come out publicly as an item. Prior to Reese and Jake hooking up, Jake had been with on-again-off-again girlfriend Kirsten Dunst for two years.

Reese and Jake have managed to keep a pretty tight seal on their relationship, rarely being publicised in the media. However, recent reports state that Jake has proposed – allegedly for the third time – and Reese has finally accepted! Whilst nothing has been confirmed by Reese and Jake’s reps, Reese has been spotted sporting a dazzling engagement ring whilst shooting an Avon commercial.

Reese already has two children, Ava and Deacon, with her ex husband, but sources say Jake and Reese are keen to start a family of their own. The two have been photographed recently in Europe where pocket rocket Reese is promoting her latest film.

Reese recently turned thirty-three, with Jake throwing her a birthday bash at his Los Angeles home. Friends of the celebrity couple say that Jake and Reese wish to tie the knot sooner rather than later, with Reese apparently planning a simple backyard ceremony. Judging by how quiet they’ve managed to keep their relationship I’d say this could be one wedding that might slip under the radar!