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Kim Kardashian dating Kris Nathan Humphries
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The 31 year old reality TV star has been down this road before but will her and Kris Humphries even make it to the alter? The couple has not been together for very long and although Humphries weathered the first (and somewhat ridiculous) claims of infidelity since he’s been with Kardashian the accusations just keep coming. It wouldn’t be easy to take for any man and in Humphries case there is nowhere he can get away from the media bombarding him with the information. Kim hasn’t exactly shown staying power in the past when things have gotten rocky in relationships and unless she’s changed, she may not be able to weather these pre-wedding storms.

Nevertheless the sun is shining and things are looking rosy for the couple right now. He is reportedly the perfect groom, keen to shop, choose and plan with his betrothed. Kim’s sister predicted she would be a bridezilla but Kim seems to be simply having a great time planning for the big day in between dodging bullets. The most astonishing thing about this relationship is how fast it moved forward from dating to wedding.

The couple began their relationship with a date in December last year just a few days after Kim broke up with a different bloke. By January Kim had met Kris’s parents and things were looking serious. Toward the end of the month Kim was tweeting thoughts of baby Kris’s. Is there any chance Kris might take the name Kardashian? It would just be so cute, Kim and Kris Kardashian. They could name their kids Barbie and Ken Kardashian.

Then by February the couple was deeply entrenched playing happy families. His parents and the new couple all celebrate his 26th birthday together. Yes, she is an older woman but only by 5 years which is nothing in Hollywood. In April Kim decided it was time to move to New York to be with Kris full time and in May the wedding engagement is announced and Kris becomes the new prince charming. Apparently he went all out on bended knee, strewn rose petals spelling marry me and of course a big fat super expensive diamond.