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Benji Madden dating Katy Perry
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Though nothing has been confirmed, rocker Benji Madden has been spotted out and about with pop princess Katy Perry. This celebrity match at least seems to makes more sense than Benji and his last partner – socialite Paris Hilton. Benji and Paris always made an interesting contrast when photographed together. However Katy Perry’s relaxed and down to earth demeanour seems much more fitting with Benji and his rocker lifestyle.

It was in February this year that Benji and Katy started to be seen around in public together, sparking rumours that they were dating. On Valentine’s Day, the pair was spotted having an intimate lunch together. Then, later that evening, they were again spotted together at LAVO at The Palazzo getting cosy with each other in the VIP section.

In true celebrity style, Katy Perry has denied that she’s dating Benji Madden, insisting that they are just good friends. Katy has spoken out to the media insisting Benji is not her latest beau and that any sightings of them together are extremely innocent and plutonic. But that’s what all the celebrities say. Pictures of the two together certainly seem to suggest otherwise. I’m following these two closely; I have a feeling that there’s more happening than they’re letting on. At the very least, if Katy Perry isn’t dating Benji Madden, she’s certainly kissed that boy and liked it!