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Jessica Simpson dating Tony Romo
Dating Since: 01-11-2007
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Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson commenced dating late 2007. Jessica was still fresh from a very public divorce from former husband Nick Lachey. Jessica and Nick had undergone an exceptionally public marriage, having starred in their own TV show called Newlyweds. Many people often cite the TV show as the demise of the relationship.

Tony and Jessica are rumoured to have got together after Tony revealed he had a crush on Jessica. Apparently Jessica’s reps got wind of the rumour and spoke to Tony’s reps to organise a date. The rest, as they say, is history.

The relationship has been slightly tumultuous for Jessica. Many Dallas Cowboys fans have continuously blamed Jessica after any game that Tony has not played to his best ability in a game. Not only that, but Jessica’s weight fluctuation has also dominated the magazines. Recently she was photographed in Florida looking slightly curvier than usual. Shortly after the photographs were released, stories spread that Jessica’s dad blamed Tony for Jess’ weight gain. It was also said that her dad felt Tony was too much of a distraction and urged Jess to dump Tony and focus on her career. Jessica’s dad has since come out to deny these reports.

Friends say that Jess is now throwing all her energy into trying to get Tony to propose. It’s said that since her sister Ashlee has given birth Jess is desperate to have children of her own. I don’t know how the Dallas Cowboy fans will feel about that, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough!