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Britney Spears dating Jason Trawick
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Britney Spears is on the verge of recovery following a rough past few years that have included a divorce, a stint in rehab, a mental breakdown, that head shaving incident, losing custody of her children, and complete career meltdown, along with numerous shady men in her life who didn’t seem to have her best interests at heart.

Her life has taken a turnaround in the past few months, with her father seizing control of her finances and with Britney giving up alcohol and her partying lifestyle. She been back in the recording studio and has just released a new album Circus, and now it seems that her love life is back on track too.

Britney is rumoured to be secretly dating her manager Jason Trawick. Jason Trawick has been Britney’s long time talent manager, and it is now rumoured that the pair are seeing each other romantically. Jason is thirty-seven years old and has been at the first four shows of Britney’s Circus tour. The couple have also been spotted spending time together outside the workplace, sparking suggestion of a love interest.

Representatives for both Trawick and Britney have declined to comment on relationship rumours, but they have confirmed that Jason Trawick has been touring with Britney. The fact that no one has come out and said the idea of them being in a relationship is ludicrous seems to say it all for me. But you have to worry about Britney, the last thing she needs just when she is starting to get her act together is another failed relationship. So here’s hoping Jason Trawick doesn’t send her back down the path of destruction.