Nicola Roxon
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Date of Birth: April 01, 1967
Age: 52 Years Old
Astrology: Aries
Residence: Gellibrand, Victoria
Current Partner: Michael Kerrisk
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Specialisation: Politics
Fan Sites:,,
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Nicola Roxon is an Australian politician who was born in Sydney, Australia, on 1 April 1967. She finished school in Sydney and then headed to Melbourne where she studied at the University of Melbourne. Her interest in politics had grown from when she was a young teen and her family had been rocked by the death of her father, who died of cancer. As she matured, Nicola began to realise the role the government plays in helping those with failing health, and engrossed herself in politics.

From 1992-1994, Nicola Roxon worked as a judge’s associate, to High Court Justice Mary Gaudron. After working with Justice Mary Gaudron, Nicola Roxon joined the National Union of Workers as an organiser and involved herself with the trade union movement. During 1996-1998, Nicola also worked as an industrial lawyer and a senior associate with Maurice Blackburn and Co – the law firm.

In 1998, Nicola Roxon was elected into the House of Representatives, and in 2001 she was appointed Shadow Minister for Child Care, Family Support and Youth before moving to Shadow Minister for Population and Immigration. Later, in 2003, Nicola Roxon was promoted to Shadow Attorney-General, as well as Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on the Status of Women. She stayed in this position through to 2006, until Kevin Rudd became the Leader of the Australian Labor Party and appointed her Shadow Health Minister, later progressing to Minister for Health and Ageing, following the Australian Labor Party’s victory in the federal election.

Nicola Roxon’s career had been fairly smooth sailing, until 2007 when she was embroiled in some slight controversy. She made headlines throughout the media after Tony Abbott fronted up to a live television debate half an hour late. The event painted Roxon favourably, as she made light of the situation, however her rivalry with Abbott saw her remark – in regards to him absence – that she good play his part easily. When he arrived, they caused a bit of a stir, which resulted in him using expletives, with the incident circulating throughout the media.