Hilary Clinton
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Birth: October 26, 1947
Age: 72 Years Old
Astrology: Scorpio
Height: 5' 8"
Residence: Westchester, New York
Current Partner: Bill Clinton
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Specialisation: Politics
Fan Sites: www.hillaryclinton.com,
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Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago and is the eldest of three children. She was raised in a politically conservative household, and her early political development was shaped by her high school history teacher and her Methodist youth minister.

In 1965, Hillary went to Wellesley College and majored in political science. She was highly involved in the political scene throughout her college years, having served as president of the Wellesley Young Republicans, supported anti-war campaigns, and organised strikes following the assassination of Martin Luther King. In early 1968, she was elected president of the Wellesley College Government Association, she was instrumental in keeping Wellesley from being embroiled in the student disruptions common to other colleges, and several fellow students even commented that they thought she might one day become the first woman President of the United States.

After finishing at Wellesley, Hillary enrolled at Yale Law School where she met, and began dating, Bill Clinton in 1971. Clinton first proposed to Hillary upon her graduation from Yale but she originally declined. It was the first of his many proposals that she turned down, however in 1974 she moved to Arkansas with Clinton despite the fact that she had brighter career prospects in Washington, and the pair finally married on October 11, 1975.

In January 1979, Hillary became First Lady of Arkansas following her husband's November 1978 election as Governor of Arkansas. Later that she also became the first woman to be made a full partner of Rose Law Firm, and from then until the time the couple finally entered the White House, Hillary was always earning a higher salary than her husband.

In 1993, Bill Clinton became the President of the United States and Hillary became the first lady. She was the first First Lady to hold a post-graduate degree and to have her professional career upon entering the White House. She was also the first to take up an office in the West Wing, despite the fact that the First Lady usually stays in the East Wing, making her one of the most openly empowered First Ladies in American history.

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