Domiziano Arcangeli
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Date of Birth: June 10, 1968
Age: 53 Years Old
Astrology: Gemini
Height: 5' 10"
Residence: Hollywood, California
Previous Partner: Raffaella Baracchi
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Specialisation: Actor, Producer
Agent: Matt Chassin
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International Model, turned Actor at 13, and now a Film Producer in Hollywood, CA (Empire Films,inc.), Domiziano Arcangeli, who has done extensive, solid work throughout the years with Masters like Federico Fellini in Academy Award Winner Film,"Intervista" , back in the late 1980's, when the actor was barely 15 years old.

He modeled throughout the 1980's (he was discovered by master Helmut Newton) and shined in the Cerruti's 1991 Campaign, and, in Jean Paul Gaultier's 1987, then very controversial, Fashion Campaign. Domiziano has always been primarily an Actor though, studying hard, working in very famous Plays all over the World, and following up the successful Fellini's film with 20th Century Fox's "The Name of the Rose" co-starring opposite Sean Connery and Christian Slater, and a bit later in Sony Classics' "St. Francis of Assisi" co-starring with Mickey Rourke and Helena Bonham Carter and directed by another Master, Liliana Cavani (Famous for the Legendary film, 'The Night Porter').

After working steadily in Cult and Genre Films, with all the Great Euro Directors of the Time-among others: Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Sergio Martino, Joe D'Amato, Stelvio Massi, Aldo Lado, Antonio Margheriti (aka Anthony Dawson), Bruno Mattei(aka Vincent Dawn), Giuseppe Vari, Ruggero Deodato, Mario Bianchi and many more. Names who are Highly Recognized today and even by Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and such... who helped to remaster some of those amazing Films and to re-distribute them on DVD/Blue Ray, and some, for the first time Uncut even, and all over the World, with great success! Domiziano Arcangeli starred then in a couple of true Hits, Tinto Brass' (yes,of Caligula's fame) "Paprika"(1991), and in Horror Icon's Lucio Fulci's "The Ghosts of Sodom"(1992). Arcangeli then,also started working in Spain with celebrated director Jess Franco among others, and in France, with famed Jean Rollin, Claude Chabrol, Jean Jacques Annaud, Franco Brusati, Giuseppe Patroni-Griffi, and, later,in many Countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and more: Always alternating Cult and Indie Films,Theatre and TV.

Domiziano finally decided to move to the US, as he holds both American and Italian Citizenship's (his mother is an American citizen) in 2000. He immediately booked a Regular Lead Role on Showtime's racy TV Series, Zalman King's Chromium Blue (which aired for 2 years) and, then he appeared, in such Shows, as NBC's "The Restaurant", WB's "Mutant X", on E-Entertainment's "Hugh Hefner's: The Girls Next Door", MTV's"Switch Trip", USA Network's"Devil's Highway" opposite Dennis Hopper and Adam Baldwin, HBO's film 'Sin's Kitchen' opposite Jeffrey Wright, and, more recently, he was cast as the main Villain opposite Amanda Plummer and Ken Watanabe, in the Edgy Martial Arts Hit Movie "Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf"  showing a new 'Rugged/Manly' Look, and great Stage Combat's skills! He was then in the hit mini-series, TNT's"Unlocking Ancient Secrets of the Bible", in the Lionsgate's comedy "Still Waiting" with Justin Long, and, also, in a scandalous,much anticipated cameo in Universal's "BRUNO" opposite genius Sasha Baron Cohen and directed by Larry Charles and Jay Roach. He's going to be seen steadily on Spike Tv's 4th Season of the Scary Hit Show "1000 Ways to Die" and, as the Lead, in the upcoming Lionsgate's SyFy's high tech thriller "Virus X" co-starring with Sybil Danning and presented by Sam Raimi, a film that Arcangeli also Executive Produced. The actor started in 2008 his own Film Production Company "Empire Films, inc" which produced such upcoming Cult Films like "Lizzie" with Gary Busey and Corbin Bernsen, followed up by Auteur Extraordinaire (Coppola's and Terry Gilliam's Production Designer and Storyboard Artist for over 20 years) Mauro Borrelli's first feature film "Box of Shadows" which looks stunning already in its trailer, and the Horror/Vampire/Erotica's gem "The Brides of Sodom" which is a controversial homage to Arcangeli's previous work in the 1980's Genre Movies and features some of the most gorgeous men & women in Hollywood today, including (besides Domiziano), Raging Stallions Exclusive Gorgeous Porn Star, David Taylor, breaking in -with this great performance- into more mainstream roles, as well as the stars of the popular cable show 'The Lair', pretty Beverly Lynne, Dylan Vox and Peter Stickes. Other recent works include the thrilling SHORELINE Entertainments' "ORGY OF BLOOD", the Spaghetti Western "The Scarlet Worm" featuring many of the Stars from the Original 70's Films, and he's also in an independent & deeply unsettling film 'Sister of Night' going to the Toronto Film Festival ,as well as the Disney Movie "Terror Bytes"starring Disney Channel young favorite Star, Corbin Bleu opposite Arcangeli. He does Topline the highly anticipated Shocking Erotica/Horror's TLA Release "Addicted to Blood", too, which is coming out soon with lots of controversy. While the Actor won the BEST ACTOR Award at the TENEBRIA FILM FESTIVAL, and at the HAMBURG FILM FESTIVAL for his turn as a former molested child, Becoming a tormented snuff film maker, in the Awards Winning "House of Flesh Mannequins" which his company also produced last Year, Empire Films is now developing a new thriller, called "Twilight of the Gods", and it is considering many other projects as well, to be shot with the Company's prestigious & latest RED CAMERA, provided also, With a Royal Package 4K of amazing Lenses, for greater visual results. You may verify all this Legit Information and MORE, on Arcangeli's's Page.