Celebritorium.com is a world leading celebrity portal site that has been operating since 2004. Celebritorium.com has an extensive celebrity birthday and celebrity biography database, now numbering over 15,000 celebrities. Users are able to search for celebrity birthdays by either browsing by month of birth or by celebrity name.

Celebritorium.com also provides the latest celebrity gossip, latest rumours about who's dating who, celebrity look-a-likes plus loads more celebrity information. Celebritorium.com also tries to keep up to date with the latest Celebrity Spotting items – so please feel free to drop us a line if you've seen someone "out and about"... and we will publish it.

Celebritorium.com is very much an interactive site, so if you have any celebrity information that you would like to share with the planet – send it through. If you know of an event, a movie premiere, a party, an autograph session…anything – there’s a link on celebritorium.com to send it through.

Celebritorium also allows additional interactive features for users to upload the latest info and news on featured celebrities. Celebritorium's Registered Users have access to additional functionality and the ability to bookmark their desired celebrities to allow them to quickly keep track of any new content in a personalised page.

Celebritorium.com also provides links to selected products and gifts that we believe align with our user community. We are constantly seeking out the best products and services for our user community. So check 'em out.

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