5 Celebrities died from Heart-attack
Aron Winter
Date of Birth: March 01, 1967
Astrology: Pisces
Date of Death: November 22, 2009

Bing Crosby
Date of Birth: May 02, 1903
Astrology: Taurus
Place of Birth: Tacoma, Washington
Date of Death: October 14, 1977

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Date of Birth: September 01, 1875
Astrology: Virgo
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Death: March 19, 1950
Specialisation: Novelist

Jackie Robinson
Date of Birth: January 31, 1919
Astrology: Aquarius
Place of Birth: Cairo, Georgia
Date of Death: October 24, 1972
Specialisation: Baseball

Tyrone Power
Date of Birth: May 05, 1914
Astrology: Taurus
Date of Death: November 15, 1958